“My experience was one of relaxation in body, mind and soul – inner peace and tranquility. Recommended as an exercise for self control as well as spiritual and physical well being. Thank you!”


“Dit gaan goed met my dankie. Ek probeer daagliks om in my rustige zone te gaan en te verseker dat als goed bly gaan. Dit gee my innerlike rus. Sover help dit baie, dankie!”


“Thank you for a wonderful session Mieke – you restored my inner peace and have inspired me to reach beyond all self inflicted limits. xxx”


“I’m telling everyone about hypnosis hehe, I can’t believe how good I am feeling now, it’s like I’m a different person. The anger and frustration I have been feeling for a long time is just gone and I surprise myself how calm I am reacting towards my kids and how much patience I have now. I have to admit I was a bit skeptic at first, specially after hearing all the stories about hypnosis, but all for nothing and I am very happy I made this decision, thank you for everything!”


“The session was truly a special experience. Thank you Mieke for bringing a stillness and peace to my mind.”


“Evening. I just wanted to thank u for a wonderful session… i really am feeling less stress and more relaxed…its a miracle. I do think of the people I loved but with less hurt. Thanks a lot.”


“The thoughts in my mind are my greatest friend and enemy. The most empathetic and the most hateful. Through meditation I can moderate my thinking patterns to reduce stress, sleep better, make well-reasoned decisions and resolve conflict. Meditation does not come easy to me as I have a very active brain. Mieke guided me to overcome the internal  “monkey chatter,” ignore my own perceived shortcomings and to celebrate my unique perfection in the moment.”


“It is such a wonderful experience to just sit there and relax. It’s like you’re not really there, you are flying or floating around in the most beautiful places you can imagine. Still you know what’s going on around you. The effect can be felt for days afterwards; you deal with your life in a calmer way. You see your problems and obstacles from another perspective.”


“I came to see Mieke at a crossroads in my life where I needed some sort of assistance to change my life around. I have a pretty successful business, but as most know requires long hours, hard work and continuous stress, as well as pressure to include time for my family and most importantly me. As life sometimes happens I received a few traumatic blows in succession and after years of neglect I broke down. Best thing that could have happened. I unintentionally came across Mieke’s website and decided that I needed my mind and body to be reset and would go see her and commit to the process without prejudice. I took a step forward for me. 3 sessions later I found myself calmer, happier and more importantly aware of what I was missing in my life. I can’t begin to explain nor shall I as you have your own needs and desires. I can tell you that this is no magic cure but showed me how to connect with myself again. The possibilities are endless and opened my mind to the root of my insecurities. This combined with daily effort to improve has made my life simply delicious. I encourage you to do this for yourself and live life as it’s supposed to be lived, with fulfillment and unlimited wealth. In fact I should not be writing this, my son should because he enjoys me now more than ever before. You and yours deserve a better you.  DB “



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